Iron Remix


Iron Remix is an unannounced event that usually happens at least once a year with an overall theme of having fun while being challenged to edit differently. It consists of two independent rounds.
The first is a free-form week-long timed editing challenge (IC) with the stipulation that the finished video cannot be talked about or released to the public until after the event. The second round is another week-long IC that uses the videos from the prior week with some type of twist.
Editors are not required to participate both weeks.

You can host an official Iron Remix event if you run the plan through Vars (@standardquip) first. If you don't want to obtain permission, you can always run your own Iron Remix-inspired event.

Round 1: The Secret IC

You'll know an Iron Remix is happening when a "Secret IC" is suddenly announced.

Editors are given one week to turn in a video with only the following rules:

Typically, no other details are provided. Editors can spend as much or little effort as they wish, and multiple submissions are allowed. There may or may not be a minimum amount of videos required to proceed with the event. Editors are not required to participate in both rounds.

Typically, some voice calls are scheduled for group editing sessions for the event.

Round 2: The Iron Remix

The actual remixing happens in the second week, where something is done with the previous week's videos in order to make them usable for the second round of editors.
There is no guarantee as to what this something will be.

The first Iron Remix stripped the audio from the Secret IC videos and told round 2 editors to make a new video using that as footage, with an additional theme to try and edit in compliance with.
The second Iron Remix took the titles and audio from the Secret IC vids and told the round 2 editors to make a video using that audio and the same video title.

The Reveals

After all videos have been submitted, the reveal video is made. Yet another event or twist is typically incorporated. The first Iron Remix turned the reveal video into a game to guess which editor made the video and/or what theme prompt they had. The second Iron Remix played each video in a side-by-side comparison to see the different editing choices made.