July 2021

Iron Remix 2: Convergence
9 - 25 July 2021
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Compilation/reveals | Playlist

Round 2 Method
Editors pick a title and song combination from round 1 and make a video to match it.
They are not aware of the original editor or footage used.
The compilation video shows the videos side by side to compare the outcomes.


Round Dates Editors Videos
1 9 - 16 July 12 16
2 16 - 25 July 13 16
Editor Footage Video Title Audio
R1: Future_Vantas
R2: Nashironeko
My Hero Academia The Hawk and the Flame Soldier The Falcon and the Winer Soldier Movie Trailer
R1: Lantis
R2: Katranat
R1: Battle Athletes OVA
R2: Gunbuster
The Great Competition of 4999 Hans Zimmer - The Walk Home
R1: Sceleri
R2: Legato2400
Serial Experiments Lain Serial Ports Dad XQC Clip
R1: TheLazyDaze
R2: PerkyPastry
R1: Given (manga)
R2: March Comes In Like a Lion
Melodie Vance Joy - Riptide
R1: PerkyPastry
R2: Troubleclef
R1: Steins;gate
R2: Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel
Sunrise Sunset The Servant - Cells
R1: Nashironeko
R2: MiraKayla
R1: Fruits Basket (2019)
R2: 1 2 3 4 5 6
CREEP Brian Justin Crum - Creep
R1: Vars
R2: TroubleClef
R1: DMC 5
R2: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
Devil Trigger Will Smith - Caution in the Wild
R1: Shizaya
R2: LemonBattery
R1: One Piece
R2: Kill la Kill
Grand Line Shanty Louie Zong - Pirate Punk
R1: Opner
R2: Lantis
R1: Jujutsu Kaisen
R2: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
Just The Good Times Ichika Nito - When you hit 1million subscribers
R1: MiraKayla
R2: Vars
R1: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
R2: Violet Evergarden
Homesick Bobby Vinton - Mr Lonely
R1: Katranat
R2: Sceleri
R1: Redline
R2: King's Avatar, Untitled Goose Game
Goose Scissor Sisters - She's My Man ((Goose Remix - Edit))
R1: Rivkah
R2: xQueenyLeAcH
R1: Ef - A Tale of Memories
R2: Princess Tutu
In memorium Bastille - Fake It
R1: Katranat
R2: Nashironeko
R1: Eccentric Family
R2: One Punch Man
Faking It Everyday Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way
R1: Vars
R2: Shizaya
R1: Vision of Escaflowne
R2: Durarara!!
Love is my Fire, Hate is my Flame Jay Gordon - Slept So Long
R1: Nashironeko
R2: Katranat
R1: Bungo Stray Dogs
R2: Banana Fish
Bullet Resonance Saysh - Trenches
R1: TheLazyDaze
R2: Rivkah
Fruits Basket (2019) Lurve My Favorite Highway - Bigger Than Love