March 2021

Iron Remix
8 - 25 March 2021
Compilation/reveals | Playlist

Round 2 Method
Secret IC videos have their audio removed. Editors are assigned a video and theme based on their selection of an arbitrary "difficulty level."
The editors then must create a new video using the secret IC videos as their primary source. The editors do not have any information about the secret IC videos, and the themes assigned to them were often the opposite of the Secret IC video's original concept.

The compilation gives time to guess which editor made the video and what theme they were given before playing the original video they had to use the footage from.


Round Dates Editors Videos
1 8 - 16 March 13 20
2 16 - 25 March 14 19
Editor R2 Theme Video Title Footage Audio
R2: Lantis
R1: Troubleclef
action R2: Run of Battle
R1: Battletits
Keijo!!!!!!!! R2: John Massari - Wizard Run (from The Wizard of Speed and Time)
R1: Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court
R2: Opner
R1: Troubleclef
horror R2:HorrorMiya
R1: Himbo Love
Horimya R2: Split (2016) movie trailer
R1: BTS - Boy with Luv
R2: SQ
R1: Katranat
drama R2: Mavrick
R1: Mobius Mood
Silent Möbius R2: Top Gun: Mavrick movie trailer
R1: Joe Satriani - Why
R2: MiraKayla
R1: Sceleri
freedom (no theme) R2: Dance Remix
R1: Spike Spiegel Gets Discombobulated (He Spits in This One)
Cowboy Bebop, Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes (2009) R2: Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody
R1: Movie audio from Sherlock Holmes (2009)
R2: Troubleclef
R1: TheLazyDaze
freedom (no theme) R2: Dimlight
R1: Needs More Gay
Princess Tutu R2: Maggie Rogers - Light On
R1: Billie Ellish - Wish You Were Gay
R2: Rivkah
R1: Djani (M A N I A C)
instrumental R2: Heart of Fire
R1: (Untitled)
Shinsekai Yori, Jujutsu Kaisen R2: Valentin Wiest - Heart Of Fire
R1: The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive - RISE
R2: TheLazyDaze
R1: Troubleclef
comedy R2: Please Don't Kill Me
R1: Let's Go Home
Horimiya R2: Samsa - One Little Favor
R1: MUNA - I Know A Place
R2: Shizaya
R1: PerkyPastry
drama R2: Other Beasts
R1: Lovesick Memoirs
Beast Stars R2: Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Work Tape)
R1: Sara Bareilles - Love Song
R2: Rivkah
R1:  Troubleclef
action R2: Killin' Me
R1: Firewalk With Me
Beyond the Boundary R2: Thirty Seconds to Mars - The Kill
R1: Harry Styles - Adore You
R2: Shizaya
R1: TheLazyDaze
trailer R2: Monthly Girls' Gump-kun
R1: Youth
Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun R2: Forrest Gump movie trailer
R1: blink-182 - M+M's
R2: Katranat
R1: SQ
comedy and/or romance R2: Obsession
R1: SandGirl
Le Portrait de Petite Cosette R2: Eurythmics - Love is a Stranger
R1: Apocalyptica - Sandman
R2: Troubleclef
R1: Rivkah
trailer R2: Unruly Hearts
R1: Never Enough
Love Live Scool Idol Project, Yuri on Ice R2: The Prom (2020) movie trailer
R1: Loren Allred - Never Enough
R2: Sceleri
R1: Keiichiface
freedom (no theme) R2: Harajuku
R1:2006 Was a Fantastic Year for Music
Madoka Magica R2: Alice Longyu Gao and Fraxiom - I \<3 Harajuku
R1: Happy Hour - Black in Every Color
R2: Djani (M A N I A C)
R1: Troubleclef
horror R2: Hehehe
R1: Constellations
Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club R2: NIVIRO - The Ghost
R1: MUNA - I Know A Place
R2: Becauseimbored1
R1: Opner
TV opening R2: Demigod of Highschool
Hercules (1997), The God of Highschool R2: Hercules: The Animated Series (opening)
R1: The Siege - Outside
R2: TheLazyDaze
R1: Shizaya
horror R2: Psychosis
Nisemonogatari, Made in Abyss, Black Clover, Parasyte, Fate/stay nigh Heaven's Feel, Jujutsu Kaisen, Fruits Basket R2: Sleeping At Last - Anger
R2: Future_Vantas
R1: Lantis
trailer R2:Trailer Love Story
R1: Saying Goodbye
I Want to Eat Your Pancreas R2: Love Story (1970) movie trailer
R1: Night Ranger - Goodbye
R2: Opner
R1: MiraKayla
noir R2: Red Noir
R1: Long Live Life
Cowboy Bebop R2: Billie Ellish - No Time To Die
R1: Laurel and Hardy - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
R2: Djani (M A N I A C)
R1: SQ
freedom (no theme) R2: You Can Be King Again
R1: Just Wait
Final Fantasy IX R2: Lauren Aquilina - King
R1: Blues Traveler - Just Wait
R2: Keiichiface
R1: Sceleri
romance R2: A Love Story
R1: Disguise
Jujutsu Kaisen, Madoka Magica, OreImo, Mob Pyscho, Lucky Star, Re:Zero R2: *NSYNC - I Want You Back
R1: ARTHUR - Sweet Memory