The name of the server was AMV Sashimi at this time. "IC" stands for "Iron Chef," which, when used in this context, refers to a timed editing challenge. Traditionally, it is 2 hours, however, records weren't kept for the lengths of the events below.

Fall Out Boy IC

6 Dec 2020

Organized by TheLazyDaze and Keiichiface
Song playlists: Spotify | Youtube
JUDGES: Nekokitkat, Lantis
PARTICIPANTS: Vars, Shizaya, Keiichiface, Troubleclef, TheLazyDaze, kirbygal
WINNER: Shizaya with “Primal Urge”
Youtube Playlist | Downloads
(Drawn by TheLazyDaze)

Random IC

29 November 2020

Organized by TheLazyDaze
Song Playlists: spotify | youtube
JUDGES: Nekokitkat, Shizaya, Rivkah94
PARTICIPANTS: Vars, TheLazyDaze, Keiichiface, Katranat, Kirbygal, Troubleclef, FashionableJellyfish, Prinnycat.
WINNER: Troubleclef with “Run it Back”
YouTube Playlist | Downloads
(Drawn by TheLazyDaze)

Every Song is Homura IC

17 October 2020

Organized by Keiichi and TheLazyDaze
Entrants submitted 3 songs and must edit Madoka Magica with an emphasis on Homura Akemi.
JUDGES: Vars, Shizaya (there were 1-2 more?)
PARTICIPANTS: Troubleclef, Keiichiface, TheLazyDaze
WINNER: Troubleclef with “Endless”
YouTube Playlist | Downloads
(Drawn by TheLazyDaze)