The name of the server was AMV Sashimi at this time. "IC" stands for "Iron Chef," which, when used in this context, refers to a timed editing challenge. Traditionally, it is 2 hours, however, records weren't kept for the lengths of some of the events below.

Sk8 IC

10 - 18 June 2021

Organized by TheLazyDaze
Week long IC. Videos shown on 20 June.
Participants: TheLazyDaze, Synaesthesia, Aichi, Nora/VideoBeats, Katranat, Vars, Nashironeko
Judges: Rivkah, Shizaya
Winner: Nashironeko "Wheels Up"
Videos: Compilation/reveal stream on Youtube | Youtube video playlist | Downloads
(Drawn by TheLazyDaze)

Furuba IC

2 June 2021

Organized by TheLazyDaze
Entrants submitted 3 songs with no theming, but participants must use Fruits Basket as the source.
Song Playlist: Spotify
JUDGES: TheLazyDaze, Hamstar, Shorisquared
PARTICIPANTS: MiraKayla, Rivkah, Shizaya, TroubleClef
WINNER: Troubleclef with “Ordeal”
(Drawn by TheLazyDaze)

Throwback Thursday IC

6 May 2021

Entrants submitted 3 songs that fit the theme of “throwback”. This was not a judged event.
Song Playlist: Spotify
Participants: Troubleclef, TheLazyDaze, Shizaya, Legato2400, Katranat, Hearthshade, Aichi, QueenyB, PerkyPastry
Videos: Youtube Playlist | Downloads

Forever IC

29 April 2021

Organized by Aichi.
Participants: TheLazyDaze, Aichi, Calc, PerkyPastry
Videos: Youtube Playlist | Downloads

Battle Buddies

8 April 2021

DopplerDo vs SeanPNG vs Troubleclef in a 2 hr IC
JUDGES: Xophilarus, Kireblue, TheLazyDaze
WINNER: DopplerDo "Heat Rises"
VIDEOS: Youtube Playlist | Downloads
(Drawn by TheLazyDaze)

DopplerDo vs SQ (Vars)

31 March 2021

DopplerDo and SQ (Vars) supposedly have similar editing styles.
They both are editing the utena movie to "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet in a 2 hour IC.
At the end, can you tell who edited which video?