The name of the server was AMV Sashimi at this time.

Sashimi Song Challenge

June - July 2022

An Iron remix-inspired event where editors make videos with only a metronome audio track and a text song description.
Hosted by: Vars
Song Submission: 22 - 24 June 2022
Song Description Submissions: 25 June - 5 July
Initial Video editor signups: 5 - 8 July
Video Assignments/Submissions: 8 - 15 July
Results/Stream premiered on: 17 July
Videos: Youtube compilation video/stream | Downloads

Buddha's Birthday Vid Exchange

February - April 2022

Rather than have a secret santa, the server ran a Buddha's birthday vidding exchange.
Signups were from February to March, with pairings picked on 8 March. Videos were released on 8 April, when Buddha's birth day is celebrated in Hawaii & Japan.
Hosted by: Vars
Participants: Daze, Rivkah, Shziaya, Nashironeko, Queeny, Katranat, Troubleclef, Tally
Videos: Youtube compilation video/stream | Compilation video download | Youtube playlist
Individual videos were not saved to the download archive.