"IC" stands for "Iron Chef," which, when used in this context, refers to a timed editing challenge.

Fun With Fonts IC

7 - 14 July 2023

A week-long IC where participants must edit a video with at least one of the two fonts they received.
Premiered: 15 July
Organized by: violetskies
Participants: Bastiera, BioticAMVs, BoxJoe, Kireblue, MiraKayla, Mr. Tired Eyes, Nashironeko, Reisir, SailorTardis, SpuddStaaa, VioletSkies, Vivafringe, Vars, xSnowflakes, Tyken
Discord thread
Videos: Youtube compilation video/stream | Youtube playlist | Downloads

6 Second IC

16 - 26 June 2023

Based on the vexercise, see how creative you can get creating a vid centered around six second clips. Participants had around 10 days to edit.
Premiered: 28 June
Organized by: seasaltmemories
Participants: Mr. Tired Eyes, TheLazyDaze, Spuddstaa, Blue Malestrom, CloudMountainJuror, Rivkah, Violet Skies, Moones95, SailorTardis, Rider4Z, Troubleclef
Discord Thread
Videos: Youtube compilation video/stream | Youtube playlist | Download compilation video
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