Content Notices

When Hosting RICE Events

RICE takes place in a few dedicated Discord channels visible only to the participants.
During the event, members are encouraged to create their own voice chats, streams, discussions, mini-events, etc.
You may run any type of event you like during RICE - as long as it has something to do with the videos submitted, follows server rules, and you declare what type of discussion will occur.

Everyone has the ability to create threads and events using the Sesh bot. Scheduling events using Sesh will allow you to title and describe your event (which is required by the discussion rules) and give others the opportunity to receive private reminders before the event occurs through RSVPs.

We require a statement about the type of event you are running for accessibility. Some people want to participate, but do not want to hear particular types of feedback.
While harsh constructive criticism is 100% acceptable in RICE, there are few things worse than hopping in a chat just to have fun and unexpectedly being greeted by people tearing apart your or your friend's videos!
We just want people to know what they are getting into before they join it so they know what to expect. 🤗

Some example statements are:

Additionally, we have two voice channels during RICE - one with enforced "push to talk" and another which uses the standard "voice activity" so you may run your event in the channel with your preferred setup.

Attached to Videos

You do not need to label your videos - the coordinator applies them after video submission.
RICE video submissions can be about anything as long as they follow the video submission requirements and content restrictions.
CWs are applied to videos as a courtesy to others. They do not place a judgement on your video and they have no affect on awards.

When participants submit their videos to RICE, they are asked if they would like to be notified of any content that appears in other videos. These are compiled and listed in the CW (content warning) section of the video infosheet, sometimes with expansion in an Extended VPR & CW document.

Vidding Photosensitivity Relay (VPR)

RICE is a testing ground for our VPR system. We use the event to actively use VPR, get feedback, and improve our system throughout and following RICE.

Your video does not have to be safe for photosensitive people to watch, but RICE specifically accommodates our members with those conditions by giving detailed VPRs for every video. Entrants do not need to make VPRs, but know that your submitted videos will receive them. The content of the VPR is not a judgment on your video or your editing. Here's an example of what the detailed VPRs can look like.

About PSVs (depreciated information)

[2024 did not accept PSVs]
That being said, entrants are encouraged to create "photosensitive versions" (PSVs) of their videos. PSVs are entirely optional to make and submit, but we get more every year as accessibility information improves.

There is no one way to make a video friendlier to photosensitive viewers, but removing certain effects and/or flashes, replacing particularly problematic scenes, and/or covering the video with a gray overlay at ~70% opacity helps. If you're interested, please see our VPR page for lists of common triggers to look out for, and/or feel free to ask questions about methods of inclusion on our #photosensitivity channel.


RICE also functions as a workshop to improve our videos and our feedback. All videos will likely get detailed feedback, many down to specific timestamps. All members are encouraged to participate in doing this.

The feedback given does not preclude any video from winning. Critique that is not constructive is removed and users warned/disqualified based on the content. Look to #vid-critique for examples of how this feedback may look.
You may also view comments left on the 2023 RICE videos here.

Critique Tags are labels we use in video titles and filenames to tell participants how detailed the editor would like the feedback on the submission to be.
Entrants choose the video's tag during submission.

No Critique or criticism - positive comments only. Will not be used after 2024.

[no critique tag]
The default option. Critique is welcome but it may not be acted upon by the editor.

Detailed feedback with timestamps is desired, and will likely change the video based on this feedback.

Stress & Managing Expectations

RICE is a stressful event.
RICE typically gets 50+ videos.
Viewing them all and voting within the timeframe by itself is already stressful.
Trying to give good feedback to one video can be difficult enough, but during RICE we want you to give it to as many videos as possible. Assessing, critiquing, and wording useful comments takes time and dedication.
And that's only half of RICE.

The other half of RICE is receiving the feedback. You may not like what you see, and things which may not have upset you in another environment may hurt you more in this one due to the time crunch.
We understand RICE is stressful, and we try to make the contest part of it as laid back as possible. But that, too, may upset people as it may not be run how you expected. Please see the Server & Event Culture page for more insight on what to expect.

Please understand that if you have not participated in an event like this before, you may respond in a way you did not expect. Check in with yourself; protect your mental health. It is okay to step away if you have to.
Please read our server guide on how to give, receive, and ask for critique, and for people have never given critique before, try our Musubi Method.

Despite this, BentoVid does NOT condone harassment. Please #contact-staff if you see this (Ping @Staff, DM Vars (@standardquip), create a ticket, or use the /report command).