Categories, Voting, & Awards

Once videos are submitted, RICE participants suggest which categories (and their names) should be used during the event. These can range from common categories like "Best Drama" to more obscure/funny ones like "Best Food."

The top voted-for categories will be the ones that receive awards at the end of the event.
The amount of categories/awards scales with the number of video entries. Each winner of these categories will receive only an award certificate.

Category Award Scaling
≤ 49 videos → 8 categories
50 - 70 videos → 10 categories
71+ videos → 12 categories

Permanent Awards

In addition to the above category awards, there are some permanent awards:

Voting Phases

Category Submission
Also called Category Suggestion or Nomination.
The form for this opens as soon as videos have been distributed, and it marks the official start of RICE. As participants watch the videos, they may categorize them however they like, or submit any category that comes to mind that fits at least a few videos.
All submitted categories will move to the next phase. There is no category limit at this time.

There are no limitations for what categories can be submitted. They may be serious or funny. There is a tradition of trying to make food-related names for the category, but this is not required.

Category nomination is public. Participants are able to see all categories that have been suggested as they are submitted.
A category need only be submitted one time to become part of the roster for the next round of voting.

Common Category Questions
Do I need to suggest common categories like Best Drama? Yes, but you don't need to write a description for them.
What type of categories should I submit? Any category you want, as long as 4+ videos could fit into it!
They can be serious or silly categories.
Do I have to nominate categories? Should I submit a category someone else did because I want it too? No. If the category is submitted one time by any user, it will become part of the Category Finalization form in the next step.
If all the categories you would've nominated have already been posted, then you don't have to do anything. 😎
Someone already suggested the category I want, but I want it to have a different name! Submit the custom category name, and in the description, say it's a rename of the other category.

Category Finalization

Once the deadline for category suggestion has passed, the coordinator gathers the submitted categories, discards any duplicates, and groups similar categories and category titles together.

Participants then use a new (private) form to submit their votes for which categories and/or category names they want to see in the contest. The top 8 - 12 most voted for categories/names will become the official category awards moving forward.

Video Nomination

Participants vote on which videos they would like to see win the all the category awards from the previous phase, plus Umami and Omurice. There is no limit to how many videos they can vote for. Videos may fit in more than one category.

The top 5 videos in every category become finalists and move to the next phase.

Finalist Voting
The top 5 videos (sometimes more due to ties) from the previous round are voted on again. The winners from this round will become the winners of the RICE awards.

Additionally, participants will vote on the following:

  • Which non-finalist video should win Tamago Don
  • The category Wandering Samurice should be assigned
  • The date and time the Awards show is most convenient