2022 RICE

Umami (Theme)
Musical Theatre

Editors: 32
Videos: 45

15 Feb - Video submission deadline
6 March - Winners announced

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Note: PSVs were available during the event but unfortunately were not archived.

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  • First use of a video review site (frame.io).
  • First (and last) use of obfuscated video titles. Aliases were used in filenames and during the event, however the actual title was available on a particular tab of the Video Infosheet.
  • First incarnation of the Okonomi Award (previous best in show winner's favorite video), although it was not named that until 2024.
  • Separation of theme and coordinator's choice awards, later called Umami and Omakase.
  • First time the "Best in Show" category was named "Omurice."
    Coined by Rider4Z, this would become the permanent name for that award in 2024.


Best Action
Best Character Profile
Best Drama
Man, This Edible Ain't Shit (Psychedelic)
Most Feelsy (Sentimental)
Wandering Samurice:
Most Fun
... Real People Exist? (Live-action)
This Made Me Audibly Snort (Comedy)

2022 Participants

ID Alias Editor Video Title Footage Audio Finalist Winner
01 BAR vivafringe Birth and Rebirth Various Monolink & Acid Pauli - New Morning edible
02 Ben Nashironeko The Benelovent Suicidal Savior Attack on Titan Tommee Profitt - Who Will Save Us drama
03 Brain Keiichiface My brain keeps playing tricks on me and I can't leave Tamako Love Story Yesterday's Feelings - The Used feelsy, omurice Okonomi from TheLazyDaze: "Withering Heights Award"
04 Bun TheLazyDaze Bunhead Sailor Moon BENEE - Supalonely character, fun
05 Cas HiddenWhiteFang Cast Among Fools Kingdom Hearts Caleb Hyles- Hell to Your Door Step from the Count of Monte Cristo Musical drama, theme
06 Dear HiddenWhiteFang Dear Those Without Hearts Kingdom Hearts Dear Evan Hansen - Waving Through a Window feelsy, theme
07 Dog Keiichiface DOGS THE BONE MUSICAL One Piece, Various My Brother My Brother and Me - Episode 579 snort
08 Dru katranat Drugs are bad k Various Repo! The Genetic Opera - Zydrate Anatomy edible, theme
09 Fly VideoBeats Anyone Can Fly Various The Spiritual Machines - Anyone Can Fly (Ranji Remix) edible, omurice omurice
10 Fort fizzybubblespop The Fortunate Ones Alien 9 (2001) Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
11 Fruit Seasaltmemories Fruit Snack Fruits Basket (2019) Sleeping at Last - Two
12 Gam PANTS Gamba giGACHAd Squid Game Zac Efron - Bet on it character, omurice, real people, theme real people
13 Glide SilkAMV The Gliding of Hilda Hilda Japanese Breakfast - Glider
14 Gran SilkAMV Granny Hustle Kung-Fu Hustle Hoodwinked OST, John Mark Painter - Three G's, Cory Edwards - The Real G real people
15 L Rider4Z The Rebel L Death Note & Given Sesame Street's Billy Idle and The Rebel L - Rebel L fun, snort snort
16 Lava Legato2400 Lavakite Flip Flappers Geoxor - One Life Short edible
17 Life hamstar138 When Life Gives You Kaworu Neon Genesis Evangelion Jonathan Coulton (feat. the Elegant Too) - Want You Gone character
18 List Speedy180 Listen to the Pretty Blond Fate Series Icon for Hire - Demons action
19 Mal PANTS Ocean Male Grindset Various Ween - Ocean Man fun fun
20 Mam James Blond Thanks for the Mammaries Space Dandy Richard Cheese - I Love Boobies (Extended Version) snort
21 Meri fizzybubblespop American Body Rentals Kaiba (2008) AJJ - American Body Rentals
22 Mig TheLazyDaze Migraine A Silent Voice, Re Life Linkin Park - Session
23 Miss StarPrincessTally A Mission of Exploration Star Trek (2009) & Star Trek Beyond Lucas & Steve x Deepend - Long Way Home real people
24 MMEC katranat MMEC Monogatari 2nd season Alpha 9 - All That I Can
25 More Troubleclef Be More Kind Klaus Frank Turner - Be More Kind feelsy, omurice feelsy
26 Nat Reisir Natural Selection Bakemonogatari, https://youtu.be/0GCmXOT428s https://youtu.be/0GCmXOT428s snort
27 Night Shizaya Recurring Nightmare Steins;Gate (and Steins;Gate 0) I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME - New Invention drama Omakase: "Pessimistic That Meds Will Fix It"
28 OPM Mister Grass [OPM] Punch Culture One Punch Man Madeon - Pop Culture action
29 Pad Legato2400 Shpadoinkle Spice and Wolf Cannibal! The Musical - Shpadoinkle
30 Pic SasukeChanx Picture Perfect Akebi's Sailor Uniform j^p^n - Loveyou
31 Play Seasaltmemories Playing House Penguindrum Bastille - Fake It drama, feelsy
32 Pres DopplerDo Pressure Arcane Jessica Darrow - Surface Pressure (Encanto character, theme character
33 Reap Opner Reaper 86: Eighty Six Sleeping At Last - Anger action, drama, omurice drama
34 Reli BecauseImBored Reliance Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Rise Against - Prayer of Refugee action, omurice action
35 Rev James Blond Powder Keg Revy Black Lagoon League Of Legends Ft. Agnete Kjolsrud Of Djerv - Get Jinxed action, character
36 Room Future_Vantas The Room Where it Happened Young Justice Lin-Manuel Miranda - The Room Where It Happens
37 Sai KoalatyDM Schoolhouse Saibou Cells at Work (Hataraku Saibou) Mary Sue Berry, Jo Armstead, Maeretha Stewart - Do the Circulation fun
38 Som Rivkah94 Something Like You Love Me Horizon Zero Dawn Mumford and Sons - Believe
39 Star Synaesthesia Productions Starlighted Stage Revue Starlight BABYMETAL - "The One" action
40 Ths Kirbygal Thsnks Mob Psycho 100 @lubalin - Internet Drama Pt. 1 snort
41 Tim Troubleclef The Time to Sing Various Phil Collins - Strangers Like Me feelsy, real people, theme theme
42 Trepi LantisEscudo (Honou Productions) Trepidations of Regeneration Doctor Who Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Beethoven's Last Night) - What is Eternal real people
43 URL vivafringe TinyURL 48etn78x Various Polo & Pan - Ani Kuni edible edible
44 Van Nashironeko Vance Lance Dance Various the banshees - nothing to lose fun
45 Wick CloudMountainJuror Wicked Path Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie trilogy Pain of Salvation - Iter Impius