• Initial notification of the event, release of the basic rules and info for early motivation.
  • Release of the "Intent to Submit" form.
    • Help RICE predict how many videos to expect
    • Submit any subject matter you want RICE submissions to be CWed and/or VPR'd for
    • Alert us to any other accommodations you may need to participate in RICE

1 January

  • RICE Video Submissions open.
  • RICE Discord channels open to the public.

1 February - 12PM EST (17:00 UTC)

  • Video submission deadline.
  • Submissions form is closed.

1 - 4 February
It is a range to give the coordinator time to finalize/certify submissions, give everyone the proper discord roles, etc.
Generally speaking, everything should be available no later than 3 February.

  • Videos become available for participants.
  • Category submission form opens.

The form for submitting initial categories opens as soon as the videos become available to download.

The deadline for submitting initial categories is 15 February.
The form allows you to submit any category - more typical categories like "best drama," custom names for already-suggested categories, and/or your own custom/funny categories. All category submissions are made public in real-time or close to it, so you'll always know what's already been suggested.

15 February
Deadline for the submission of initial categories.

15 - 16 February
Category finalization voting form opens.

  • All submitted categories are collected with repeats discarded.
  • The coordinator groups similar categories together at their discretion
  • RICE Participants vote on:
    • Which category "groups" should be used for the rest of the event
    • Which category name & description should represent that group

19 February
Deadline for category finalization form submissions.

19 - 20 February

  • Final categories are released/decided.
  • Video nomination form opens.
  • Nominate the finalists for each category.

28 February
Deadline for video nomination form submissions.

28 February - 1 March

  • The list of RICE finalists are released. There are 5 finalists per category.
  • Finalists form opens.
  • Participants vote on:
    • Which finalist video should win each category
    • Which non-finalist video should win The Tamago Don
    • Which category should receive Wandering Samurice
    • When the RICE Awards stream should be aired

A When2Meet is posted to determine the date and time of the RICE awards stream.
It takes place when the largest amount of participants are available.

3 - 4 March

  • Deadline for finalists form submissions.
  • The RICE Awards date/time is announced.
  • A thread for video/editor reveals is made after finalist voting has ended.

2 - 7 days later
The actual date of announcement varies based on the scheduling availability of the entrants.

  • RICE Winners announced!
  • The Wandering Samurice category is revealed.
  • The Umami (theme) for next year is revealed.
  • Editors can upload/show their videos publicly at the end of the awards show.
  • Kollaborate comments are exported to TXT format for editors to download.
  • RICE Winners are DMed asking for their their mailing addresses for physical awards.
  • The event is finally over! :)

The awards are 5x7" (12.7x17.78cm) cards and stickers. They can be mailed globally in a normal-sized envelope and should not be stopped by customs.