Run Your Own Event

In BentoVid, you are allowed to run any event you want (as long as it follows the server rules).
The most common types of events are watching videos or playing games together in a voice chat, but you can create an event for anything.
Some examples:

Announcing Events

If you can, Use the Sesh Bot to announce your event in advance (guide here). We have the premium version, which allows for several options, including repeating the event at a regular interval. People who RSVP to your event are able to receive DMed reminders at intervals they select.
Click here to create your Sesh event now.
If you do not want to use Sesh, simply make a text post in #📣events describing your event and when it happens.
Of course, you do not have to plan ahead of time. It is perfectly okay to say @Streaming MyFavoriteAnimeTitle in 5 minutes! or something similar.

If you need more help, ask @Staff!

If you want a dedicated space to talk about an event, make a post in #event-chats.

Ping List Roles

There are several roles for people to receive notifications for particular types of events:
@Events general
@Deadlines Contest submission deadline
@IronEditor Iron chef/challenge/editor (time challenges)
@VRChat Events in VR
@Streaming Video streaming
@GameGroup online gaming
@MEP Multi-editor projects/collabs

Please add the applicable ping to your event post. If you're using Sesh, put it in the Advanced -> Notifications & Mentions section.

You can add/remove these roles from yourself from the Channels & Roles menu near the top of the channel list.

Useful Tools
A very easy to use scheduler. Password is optional. Coordinators select a range an event can take place, and respondents select the range they are able to attend. /
Enter a list of items to create a wheel with. Once created, you can spin the wheel to select a random item from the list. Useful for watching videos from a pool.
Use this tool to create text which displays times in each user's local timezone on Discord. No more time zone confusion!
Make custom bingo cards (Free for up to 30 cards).
Free advanced image editor, all in your web browser. Works with and can save to many formats, including PSD (photoshop).
Make a quick poll!