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Violet Skies

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Videos: 81

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Week Stats

Week Dates Theme Submissions
1 1 - 8 Nov Covens of the Boiling Isles 24
2 8 - 15 Nov 20th Century Time Capsule 25
3 15 - 22 Nov Spectacular Settings 20
4 22 Nov - 1 Dec The 7 Deadly Sins 22

Week 1: Covens of The Boiling Isles

The Boiling Isles is an archipelago in the Demon Realm where magic is practiced by all manner of creatures. Emperor Belos has decreed that witches and wizards must join a coven, which typically restricts the type of magic that they are able to perform. The education system requires students to commit to a magic track, raising the youth to specialize in magic that aligns with one of the nine major covens of the isles.

To meet this challenge, your video must have a theme that demonstrates the magic of one of the nine covens.

  • Abomination Coven - Features golems, constructs, and other controllable automatons
  • Bard Coven - Manipulation of the world using sound, most likely using musical instruments
  • Beast Keeping Coven - Summoning and command of animals of the world
  • Construction Coven - Building with earth; crafting pillars, structures, and statues.
  • Healing Coven - Treatment of injuries and ailments, create shields
  • Illusion Coven - Creation of clones, altering appearances, and tricking others' senses
  • Oracle Coven - Fortune telling, spirits, and seeing the future
  • Plant Coven - Command of plants and creation of flora
  • Potions Coven - Focus on potions, liquids, and brewing of all types

The video does not need to contain magic directly, but the video’s theme should align with a specific coven. Blending of multiple covens is not permitted—The Emperor’s Coven is not an option.

Example videos that satisfy the theme: by BecauseImBored1 (clones, like the Illusion coven), by Honou Productions (Lantis) (sound, like the Bard coven)

Editor Video Title Footage Audio Title Audio Source Featured Coven
thefanvideoer2 Hair of Healing Tangled Song of Healing Lizz Robinett Healing
ResyAMV Healing Word Given Music Is Healing Florida Georgia Line Bard
F-Zero TV Red Comet Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Stars Les Miserables Abomination
SpuddStaaa Bondic Inspiration Spy x Family Perception Check tom cardy Oracle
hilovids Our Fort Five Nights at Freddy's Our House Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Abomination
Kia - AbyssBreaking ThisIsBrandNewMe Brand New Animal This Is Me (The Reimagined Remix) Keala Settle, Kesha, and Missy Elliot/The Greatest Showman: Reimagined Illusion
Rider4Z Barbie Too Barbie the Movie Me Too Meghan Trainor Illusion
HiddenWhiteFang Eikonic Monsters Final Fantasy 16 Gotta Catch 'em All Metal Cover Skar Productions Beast Keeping
CyberSamurai Bad Chocobo Various Final Fantasy games Crazy Chocobo Final Fantasy 13-2 Soundtrack Beast Keeping
BoxJoe True Human Jujutsu Kaisen S1/S2 Doritos and Fritos 100 Gecs Abomination
Katranat #justcastlethings Howl's Moving Castle Opening Credits/English Drive Stephen Endelman (The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain OST) Abomination
Lantis Visions of Disaster Various Mercy in Darkness Two Steps From Hell Oracle
The_McLaughlin Illusory Paranoia Teen Titans Breaking Down I Prevail Illusion
SailorTardis The Magi Meisters Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Eternal / Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion I'm The Music Meister Neil Patrick Harris Bard
SQ Deep Sea Fooding Deep Sea This Is Our House Damned Anthem & Southside Dren Potions
Pushmipullu Watership Fields Forever Watership Down (1978 Movie) Strawberry Fields Forever (Love Album Ver.) The Beatles Oracle
Reisir geld flow That Slime I Reincarnated as Time S2, The Slime Diaries damn girl are you a construction worker, dracula flow 1-3, RN Luke Correia, PLUMMCORP RECORDS, Joey Valence & Brae Construction
Violet Skies Rose Colored Glasses Steven Universe, Seven Universe: The Movie, Steven Universe Future Shatter Me Lindsey Sterling Illusion
Silvercoat Signal Lost Nier: Automata ver1.1a How Far Does the Dark Go Anya Marina Abomination
KeiichiFace i don't know her (no one should watch this lmao) Puella Magi Madoka Magica In the Garden Red Vox Illusion
Moonpie Run Little Wolf Princess Mononoke Little Girl Gone CHINCHILLA Beast Keeping
Speedy180 Sins of a Golem Gundam IBO Sins of the Father MGS 5 Abomination
Nashironeko furina meh genshin impact answer the call baldur's gate Bard
Legato2400 Secret Messenger Kiki's Delivery Service Somewhere Only We Know Keane Oracle

Week 2: 20th Century Time Capsule

Nostalgia is a powerful motivator. When we see a movie that we loved as a kid, or hear a song that our parents always used to play, rosy retrospection can cause us to happily recall moments past. Other times, we can experience sadness and loss for times that have gone by that can never be experienced again. The 20th century holds a wealth of music, television, and film that could make us, our parents, or possibly our grandparents think about times gone by.

To meet this challenge, your video must have at least one element (the song, the source, or both) that originates from the years 1901-2000. The year is determined by the release date in the country of origin, e.g. Japanese anime release date in Japan, not when it was brought to the US.

Example videos that satisfy the theme: by Synaesthesia Productions, by Rider4Z

If a TV show has multiple seasons, only content that aired during or prior to the year 2000 should be used (one exception is if a season started in 2000 but ended in 2001).
If a song cover was produced after 2000, it is not eligible even if the original aired before 2001.

Editor Video Title Footage and Year Audio Title and Year Audio Source
Seasaltmemories Sunday Nights Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) Restraint - 2022 Florence + The Machine
HiddenWhiteFang Seasonal Depression the Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Anti-Hero (2022) Cover by Nick Pitera
ResyAMV Unspoken Truths Adolescence of Utena, 1999 Mirage, 2019 Elina
F-Zero TV Cosmic Haze Various, 1979-1982 Planet Caravan, 1970 Black Sabbath
thefanvideoer2 RED Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000) Red (Taylor's Version) - 2012 Taylor Swift
Kia - AbyssBreaking Somepiggy Once Told Me... Porco Rosso 1994 All Star 1999 Smash Mouth (Official Music Video Audio)
Rider4Z I'm Gonna Be (Ken) Barbie 2013 "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" 1988 The Proclaimers
Lantis The Lives and Times of Dirk the Daring Dragon's Lair (1983) Another One Bites the Dust (1980) Queen
CyberSamurai Faye Blasé Cowboy Bebop (1998), Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) Bad Reputation (1980) Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
SailorTardis Clue-tantinople Clue (1983) Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (1990) They Might Be Giants
SpuddStaaa Sailor Love Akebi's Sailor Uniform (2022) Plastic Love (1984) Mariya Takeuchi
The_McLaughlin Revenge Sortie Saga of Tanya the Evil (2019) The Trooper (1983/1998 Remaster) Iron Maiden
PerkyPastry Bois From The Dwarf Red Dwarf (1988-1999) Here It Goes Again (2005) OK Go
Nashironeko FREEEE BIIIIIIIIRD Top Gun: Maverick [2022], 'DANGER ZONE, WAR THUNDER Teaser [2022], How to give constructive feedback - Compliment Sandwich [2020] Free Bird [1973] Lynyrd Skynyrd
BoxJoe Jazz Cats Aristocats 1970 I'm Not Sleepin' 1999 + Swing Fever 2017 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 1999 // AXS Music 2017
Violet Skies The Mominator Aggretsuko (2018-2023) The Terminator (1984) Trailer audio
hilovids burn it with fire The Thing, 1982 Lux Aeterna, 1966 György Ligeti
RaikiriShadow Idaten Jump - Bicycle Idaten Jump (2005) Bicycle (1978) Queen
katranat Goodbye Various (1987 - 2000) P.S. Goodbye (1985) The Chameleons
StandardQuip Ferngully Thing Ferngully (1992) You're Welcome (but it's cursed) (2002) Jonathan Young
Speedy180 Gundare Gundam Build Fighters (2013) Dare (1986) Stan Bush
Silvercoat Who Am I Adventures Jackie Chan Adventures (2000) Who Am I? (1998) Trailer audio
Moonpie Voice from the Fire The Prince of egypt (1998) I See Fire, 2013 Peter Hollens
Legato2400 Dusty Legacy Dirty Pair 1985 - 1990 True Survivor - 2015 David Hasselhoff
Silent Hero angsty metal FLCL (2000) Song 2, 1997 Blur

Week 3: Spectacular Settings

Some shows and movies are immediately able to immerse you in a fantastical world. Stunning vistas and intricate details bring strange places to life, making you feel like you are actually there. Good worldbuilding brings the viewer a sense of wonder. Whether the implications of a setting are wonderful or terrifying, good worldbuilding has viewers begging to learn more.

To meet this challenge, your video should focus on the scenery or setting of a show rather than characters or plot elements. The viewer should feel immersed in a location or an era. A stunning world or vibrant city should feature prominently.

Example videos that satisfy the theme: by vivafringe, by Silvercoat

Editor Video Title Footage Audio Title Audio Source
thefanvideoer2 No Time For All Time Loki No Time For Caution Hans Zimmer
Kia - AbyssBreaking Crystal's Noose The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance The Hanging Tree James Newton Howard (vocals Jennifer Lawrence)
ResyAMV K Tourism Video K, K Return of Kings One Short Day Wicked Original Broadway Cast
Rider4Z Merry and Bright The Grinch Setting the Trap, Somewhere in My Memory John Williams
HiddenWhiteFang Song of the Sea Various Close To The Sun & Origin (Epic Orchestra Remix) Beyond Gaia's Horizon
hilovids The Art of Akira Akira Ants to You, Gods to Who? Andre 3000
SpuddStaaa ALL THE SMALL MI MEWS Pikmin 3-4, Pikmin Shorts All The Small Things Blink 182, Pikmin
Lantis Beyond the Shire Lord of the Rings BEYOND Tommee Profitt x MILCK
SailorTardis As The Ages Roll Away Tangled Stones Ymochel
The_McLaughlin Mourning Light Life Is Strange: True Colors Instead of Myself Sleeping At Last
Legato2400 Breathe Still Ergo Proxy The Sound of Silence Disturbed
StandardQuip They Walk Death Stranding The Lord of The Rings The Fellowship of the it's my book and they will walk if I tell them to Tom Cardy
BoxJoe Low Places Dorohedoro Friends in Low Places Worthikids
Violet Skies Imagi-tech-ination Arcane Pure Imagination Fiona Apple
Speedy180 Ready, Steady, Dive! Gundam Build Fights/Divers Ready Player One Ready Player One
Moonpie Los Huesos de Casita Encanto The Bones Maren Morris
Katranat Something about mushrooms idk Dorohedoro Ballerium Infected Mushroom
F-Zero TV Anabasis City Hunter 2, 3 In The City Joe Walsh
Silvercoat WNDR (Wonder) RWBY Welcome to Wonderland Anson Seabra
PerkyPastry As Above So Below Children of the Sea Intro The xx

Week 4: The 7 Deadly Sins

As Thanksgiving approaches for those of us in the United States, we start to think of the things in life for which we are thankful. We also start thinking about food, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and drifting off into a food coma. Gluttony may be the primary theme of a great Thanksgiving, but it is only one of the deadly sins described by theology. Originally proposed by 4th century philosophers, the 7 Deadly Sins are described as such in the modern era:

  • Pride - arrogance, hubris, believing that one is the best, looking down at others and treating them like they are beneath you
  • Lust - physical desire that may approach obsession, typically for a person but it is possible to lust for other items or objects
  • Wrath - excessive anger, especially when acted upon; hurting others, revenge, or oppression of the weak with force
  • Greed - desire for excess, typically physical objects or money; the act of amassing things whether they have use
  • Envy - jealousy, wanting things that other people have; seeing another's physical wealth or traits and being frustrated that they are better
  • Sloth - laziness in all its forms; willful inaction, excessive sleeping, acting slowly or sluggishly
  • Gluttony - overindulgence, typically in food and drink; continuing to consume long after one should have stopped.

To meet this challenge, your video should leverage one of these vices. Whether a character profile of a person who typifies the vice or a situation exploring it, it should be obvious to the viewer which vice is being demonstrated by the video.

REMEMBER! The video must meet the server’s PG-13 rating, so graphic depictions of sex or violence are not permitted in any video.

Example videos that satisfy the theme: by SQ (Vars), by Spuddstaaa

Editor Video Title Footage Audio Title Audio Source Featured Sin
F-Zero TV Male Manipulator Music Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World I'll Make You Miss Me All The Time Dylan Brady Pride
F-Zero TV 100 grems Gremlins sympathy 4 the grinch 100 gecs Wrath
Kia - AbyssBreaking Studios Tatsumi's Rap - Soul Sisters' Can Can Zombieland Saga Zidler's Rap/Lady Marmalade Melody Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan/Movie Audio from Moulin Rouge Lust
ResyAMV Sick Mistakes Mignon X Kxlly Lust
HiddenWhiteFang We Are Venom Spider-Man 2 PS5 Venom Smash into Pieces Gluttony
hilovids Thus Spoke Kaiji Kaiji: Against All Odds Also Sprach Zarathustra Berliner Philharmoniker Greed
Seasaltmemories Foe Yay She-ra and the Princesses of Power Blush Siena Liggens Lust
Lantis Hinako's Lullaby Sleeping With Hinako Sylvia's Lullaby Laura Michelle Kelly (from Finding Neverland) Sloth
thefanvideoer2 Green With Greed Kung Fu Panda 3 Bloodshot Sam Tinnesz Greed
Legato2400 Inkfluence Obsession Squid Girl Addicted VocaCircus Lust
SailorTardis You Can (Not) Repress It! Neon Genesis Evangelion / The End of Evangelion Repress It! Tom Cardy Sloth
BoxJoe Fall into the Sun Attack on Titan Pause to Doze Chemical Mother Wrath
SpuddStaaa this is a serious scene in an anime Kyochuu Rettou, Various others The Lord of The Rings The Fellowship of the it's my book and they will walk if I tell them to Tom Cardy Sloth
The_McLaughlin Hot and Bothered How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Sexy and I Know It LMFAO Lust
Silvercoat A Grimm Fate RWBY - Vol 8 You're Gonna Get What's Coming Klergy Wrath
Rider4Z Forged By Fire Blue Eye Samurai Little Girl Gone Chinchilla Wrath
Violet Skies Burning with Pride Demon Slayer Picante Galxara Pride
Speedy180 Pride & Gilgamesh Fate Centuries Fall Out Boy...not Boys Pride
Future_Vantas The Strongest (WIP) Pluto Blow Me Away Breaking Benjamin Wrath
Moonpie Delinquent Pride Zombieland Saga Confident Demi Lovato/Confident Pride
Katranat Spike is Lazy Cowboy Bebop Lazy X-Press 2 (featuring David Byrne) Sloth
PerkyPastry Winner's Drive Wreck-It Ralph Handlebars Flobots Pride