About the Mascots


Avi the Bento Box

Avi is a wonderful bento box and the face of our Discord server. Named after the AVI file format, she is one of the most well-known containers for video, delicious food, and facilitating the friendly community at BentoVid. As a bento box, she is uniquely suited for allowing many different flavors and styles to co-mingle without turning them into a singular mixed food item.

She is best friends with Enby, who she can often be seen hanging out with (even in our logo)!


Enby the Octopus

Enby is a non-binary octopus who is best friends with Avi. They have photosensitivities and thus can often be seen wearing sunglasses and as the face of our Vidding Photosensitivity Relay (VPR) System. Enby represents acceptance and adaptation, although they are a rather shy individual.


Oni the Onigiri

Named after the supernatural oni, this little rice ball is the extrovert among the group. He was the first of the mascots to be created, and is the face of our RICE event. He can be seen celebrating nude in the award emblem, cosplaying a samurai for the wandering samurice award, and dressing up to represent the Umami (theme) award.

As simple rice and seaweed, he is the foundation of many food items and as such, tries to facilitate a one-man show for all the visual assets of RICE. A friendly and energetic guy, he is often too busy to hang out with the others. Sometimes he manifests arms and legs if he needs them, but prefers his natural shape.

All mascots were designed and illustrated by James Alesto. You can buy merchandise of the characters in BentoVid's RedBubble store or potentially win a sticker of Oni during RICE.