(This guide is geared to people who have never given critique before.)
musubi method to giving feedback. 80% things you like, 20% stuff to improve

One of the goals of our server is to give feedback on videos and to help each other improve our feedback giving and receiving skills.

As such, the "musubi method" of giving feedback has been created! It is roughly:
80% things you liked
20% stuff you think could be improved
All wrapped together with a little piece of nori, you! 🙂

the protein (stuff to improve)

What is constructive criticism without the criticism?
There's usually something that could be improved about a video, so share that! But please, when giving the criticism, refer to our short guide: How to Critique

But basically:

  • Consider the video's goal. Does the video achieve its indicated purpose?
  • Keep the general tone and vocabulary optimistic and positive
  • Don't make it personal (and try not to include your own personal biases)
  • It should be constructive! If pointing it out won't help anyone, don't mention it.

The protein makes the musubi great, but TOO MUCH protein and it's not as good.
It's ok to not have any protein too. Just rice and nori can make a great snack!

the rice (things you liked)

BentoVid is about building people up, not tearing them or their videos down. Even though videos can be improved, that doesn't make them a bad video in any way.

Things can be loved in spite, and because, of their flaws. Don't be shy about what you liked about the video you're giving feedback on!
Style? Timing? Colors? Genre? Goal? Just general combination? Let's mention it!

the nori (you!)

Part of what makes feedback good is your own personal flair.
How you choose to wrap up your constructive criticism matters. Some people will theme their feedback, some people will stick to only technical errors, others personal feelings (how the videos impacted them/their emotions).

You can use a sandwich type of method (positive - negative - positive) - which is ironically still a type of musubi - or you can pair it up some other way. The point of it all is that you are the defining factor of what holds your feedback together and makes it edible and enjoyable.

As long as you're not a jerk, you'll probably be fine and give some editor some love and attention and maybe teach them something new to apply to future videos! 🙂

If you'd like to read even more about giving and receiving criticism, the article linked in How to Critique is a great resource: https://trydesignlab.com/blog/how-to-give-and-receive-design-critique-well/