Table of Contents
  1. Announcing events
  2. How to use Sesh
  3. Event channels


Announcing in #đź“Łevents

Click here to create an event using Sesh, which will show up in #upcoming.

Don't forget to add the ping list roles to the "mentions" section for "Event Creation".
@Events general
@Deadlines Contest submission deadline (or create an event specifically in the #deadlines channel by clicking here.)
@IronEditor Iron chef/challenge/editor (time challenges)
@MEP Multi-editor projects/collabs
@Streaming Video streaming
@VRChat Events in VR
@GameGroup online gaming for contest deadlines
You can can join/quit these ping lists at any time in the #roles channel.


Click here to create an event using Sesh

screenshot of event creation with sesh

Our server uses eastern time, but you can input any timezone and Sesh should convert it for you automatically.
Make sure to check the preview below the Start Time field to make sure it looks correct!

The rest of the fields are optional, and you click the square to enable them.

screenshot of event creation with sesh - duration, mentions

If you don't set a duration, the default is 1 hour. This only effects the times listed on the final event announcement embed.

In the mentions area, you should pick the ping list roles that apply to your event.
Applicable tags for ping lists:
@Events general
@Deadlines Contest submission deadline (or create an event specifically in the #deadlines channel by clicking here.)
@IronEditor Iron chef/challenge/editor (time challenges)
@MEP Multi-editor projects/collabs
@Streaming Video streaming
@VRChat Events in VR
@GameGroup online gaming

Sesh creates 2 posts: one when you initially announce your event, which includes all information you have entered, and a second post when your event begins, simply stating it has started at that time.

You are able to mention roles on both these posts, but since Sesh allows users to sign up for DM reminders when they RSVP to your event, there's usually no need to mention people for Event Start.

screenshot of event creation with sesh - description, image

The description accepts markdown, which means you can create clickable links. To make your own links like this, you format them like this: [Link text](

The image field MUST END in an extension such as .jpg, .gif, or .png. If it does not end with this, your image will not post.
If you can't find the proper link, you can upload your image to a private discord server (or in #bot-spam) and copy the image link from there.

screenshot of event creation with sesh - color, hide event attendees

If you want to, you can also customize the embed color. The embed color is the little line that shows up on the left of the post.
In the image below, it's dark blue.

Image of an embed with an arrow pointing to the blue colored line

Hide Event Attendees is an optional function.
By default, it is selected, but you can deselect it. See examples of the differences below:

Screenshot of two Sesh event embeds, one with a list of attendees and one with the attendees hidden

RSVP Options

A most important feature!
If you do not select it, your message will look like this:

Screenshot of a Sesh event embed

Perfectly fine for most events. A single checkmark emoji for people who want to RSVP.

But AMV Sashimi has the premium version of Sesh, which allows you to customize the RSVP options.

Screenshot of Sesh event creation - RSVP options

A. Click "add reaction" to add a new emoji and RSVP choice. You can have up to 20, and use any emoji from a server that Sesh is in.
B. Click this X if you wish to remove an RSVP option.

1, 2, and 3 allow you to choose an emoji (it can be from any server Sesh and you are in), a name, and a limit.
Leaving the limit blank allows anyone to RSVP using this option.
Adding a number here prevents RSVPs over the limit you specify (e.g. 5 = no more than 5 people can use this option).

Make sure the checkbox with "Allow Reminders" is checked for each option - leaving this unchecked prevents the bot from DMing RSVP'd users any reminders. Since users can set their own permanent preferences with Sesh, disabling this only hurts the users who like the DMs.

Using the options from the image above, we create an embed with RSVP options that look like this:

Screenshot of Sesh event embed with customized RSVP options

Alternatively, there are some presets to choose from if you'd like to use those.

Ready to give it a shot? Click here to create an event using Sesh!

Screenshot of Sesh event creation - Create Event button

Sesh DM Options

By default, when you RSVP to an event, Sesh will DM you with some reminder options.
If you want to change how this works, DM @sesh

Event Channels

Rules for Event Channels

1. Delete your channel(s) when your event is over.

Changing/deleting channels that aren't yours can result in a ban.
When creating your event channel, you can prevent this by setting the correct channel permissions. A guide on how to do this is in the next section.

3. If your event is over and hasn't been deleted yet, server staff may delete it without notice.

4. #đź“Łevents , #iron-editor , #deadlines, and #upcoming cannot be edited.
Please reuse the #iron-editor channel if your event is an IC / Time Challenge.

5. Ping @Staff or @Lead if you have any questions.

How to Make an Event Channel

All verified members of this server can create channels and edit permissions in the "Events" category.

To create a channel, click the + next to Events

  1. Create the channel name
  2. Important: IMMEDIATELY set the channel permissions!!
    (Note: You must create a public channel. If you create a private channel, you will not be able to edit it!)
Screenshot of channel creation page

Set Your Channel Permissions

Screenshot of how to edit channel permissions

After you create your event channel, immediately set your channel permissions. Click the gear or the "edit channel" link.

Navigate to "permissions" on the left.

Click the "Add members or roles" button on the right.

And then add yourself.

screenshot of channel creation with 'permissions' and 'add members or roles' circled. screenshot of add members or roles window

Now, click the "Advanced Permissions" toggle and select yourself again.

screenshot of advanced permissions window

Make sure have green checks next to the following:

  1. Manage Channel
  2. Manage Permissions.

Don't touch anything else unless you know what you're doing.
The defaults for all the other permissions should be good.

Next, click the "Verified" role and make sure they don't have those permissions:

advanced permissions for verified role

When you're done, hit the "Save Changes" button.
Make sure you added the permissions to yourself FIRST, because if you remove the permissions from the Verified role without adding yourself, you will not be able to edit your channel.

Generally speaking, our users are nice and won't mess with your channel. But it's always best to take the minute to set these permissions before you get started anyway.
If someone does mess with your channel, please contact one of the @Staff or report them.

How to Pin Messages or Assign "Mods" for Your Channels

Change your channel permissions to give the specific user(s) the "manage messages" permission.