Tag System

Tags (previously called snippets) are pre-formatted posts you can call with simple commands so you don't have to type similar answers every time.
Anyone can call tags anywhere on this server. But only certain people can create, edit, and delete them.
You can ask for new tags in #suggestions .

For the current tag list, go to #personal-testing and send ;tag list

Table of Contents
  1. Commands Anyone Can Use
    • ;tag list
    • ;tagname
    • ;tag info & Aliases
  2. Managing Tags
  3. Getting the Role to Manage Tags

Tag Commands Anyone Can Use

You can call a tag anywhere in the server.

To do so, just use it's name.

To find information about a tag, use ;tag info tagname
(Please only do this in #personal-testing .)

Sometimes a tag will have several different ways to call it.

For instance, the tag below can be called by typing any of the following:
(These are called aliases.)

You can use the ;tag info command to see what all the aliases are.

Managing Tags

You must have a specific role in order to manage tags.
All the commands listed below assume you have this role.

If you need the help post, ;tag will call it.
If you do something incorrectly with one of the tag commands, the help message (below) will appear instead of the intended result.

Tag Rules

You must have a specific role to manage tags.
If you have that role, you must follow these rules:

  1. Only manage your tags in #personal-testing
  2. Only manage your tags. Don't modify or delete anyone else's.

Adding New Tags

;tag add TagName content

Tag name restrictions
Tag names must not contain the |, _, or % characters and must be between 1 and 25 characters in length. This also applies to aliases.

Names with more than one word
Try not to do this. You will make it harder for yourself.
But if you really want two words, you can put the name in quotes.
e.g. ;tag add "Tag Name" content here

Just remember, that if you ever want to call the tag by its multi-word name, you will have to use quotes there, too.
;"Tag Name"

Avoid the temptation to put a line break between the name and the content
If you do the following:

;tag new name
even more content

Your tag name will literally be


You must avoid the very first line break.
Instead, do this:

;tag new name content
even more content

That will display how you expect.

Using Markdown

This is bold
**This is bold**

*This is italics*
_This is also italics_

Bolded and italicized
***Bolded and italicized***


Bolded and underlined
**__Bolded and underlined__**

Bolded, italicized, and underlined
***__Bolded, italicized, and underlined__***
_**__This too__**_
**__*And this*__**


|| Spoiler ||

Clickable links
[This is a clickable link. Only bots can use them](https://google.com)
Luckily, your tag is posted by a bot. So you can use clickable links!

Adding Aliases

;tag addalias tagname alias1 alias2 alias3
You have to add all aliases at the same time.
Any new time you use this command, it will overwrite all previous aliases.

This means if you currently have testing as an alias for the tag test and you want to also have anotherone as an alias, you will need to do the following:

;tag addalias test testing anotherone

If you only do
;tag addalias test anotherone
the previous aliases will be deleted.

Deleting Aliases

If you already have a list of aliases and just want to delete one of them, use
;tag delalias tagname alias1

;tag delalias test testing
will delete the testing alias from the tag named test

Editing Tags

Editing a tag completely overwrites the original tag content. Make sure you have the original content before you do this.
;tag edit tagname new content

Getting Your Tag Code/Data

If you ever need to edit your tag, do this so you don't have to re-write and re-format it.

  1. Go to your thread in #personal-testing

  2. Call your tag (e.g. ;test )

  3. Copy the tag post's message link

  4. Ping @discobot into your thread (optional)

  5. Use the /restore (your message link here) command.
    e.g. /restore https://discord.com/channels/750541618389712896/947229919895769108/947379849247457311

The bot will respond to you with a link to the discohook website.

  1. Go to the link provided and copy the text inside the message for your tag code.

Deleting Tags

;tag del tagname

Only delete tags you created yourself.

Getting The Role to Manage Tags

Ask @Staff for the Tag Creator role.
Alternatively, you can self-assign it from #roles .

Abuse of tags will not only get the role removed from you, but will also ruin the self-assignment of this role for everyone else.
Be nice.