IRL Meetup Guidelines

BentoVid has members all over. Sometimes we'll want to meet up in real life. At cons, some special event, or just because!

Feel free to make an #📣events post for your IRL (in real life) Meetup. Also see How to Events.

Before the Meetup

Make sure to RSVP!
IRL Meetups are especially sensitive to this. RSVP to the event post, if there is one, and/or tell whoever is running the meetup that you're coming. Please don't "joke" RSVP to events you know you won't be able to make.

Inform the organizer of changes
If you've already RSVPed, inform people when you won't be able to make it or if you will be late.

Let someone know if you need accommodation
Do you have some special needs? Are you in a wheelchair, deaf, food restrictions, etc.? Let the organizer and others know so they can be made aware.

During and After the Meetup

Respect someone's name
Respect whichever name the person first uses to introduce themselves to you.
If they introduce themselves as their online name or a nickname, don't push for another one.

Respect people's space.
Not everyone is comfortable with close talkers, hugs, and/or handshakes. Let everyone have their personal space.
Don't force any kind of physical interaction.

Respect boundaries. No means no!
Don't be pushy. If you say "I'll walk home with you" or "Can I have your phone number" and the person declines, then stop asking and don't push it. Respect someone's "no."


If you have had a bad experience with a particular user at an IRL Meetup that began in BentoVid, please report them.

You can DM someone on @Staff or use a bot command.
See: How to Report