Bot Commands

All bot commands only work in #personal-testing unless otherwise specified.

-helpme will post links to this page.

Table of Contents
  1. Reporting
  2. Birthdays
  3. Reminders
  4. Polls
  5. Tags
  6. Searching
  8. Threads
  9. Yag Control
  10. Miscellaneous


Report a user to the mods - works in every channel
/report and fill out the fields.

It must have a 2+ word reason. No one will be able to see that you reported someone except for yourself and the mods.
Also see How to Report or #contact-staff.


Set your birthday - also works in event-related channels
/birthday register
If you add your birthday, the bot will announce it in #side-talk at midnight Eastern Time (UTC-5). The message does not state your age or year you were born.
However, if you add your birth year, it will appear when someone requests the full list or your specific birthday.
You do not have to add your birth year.

Get someone else's birthday
/birthday show

List all birthdays in the server
/birthday list


Creating a reminder will work in all channels. Managing reminders will only work in #personal-testing

Using Yag

Personal reminders using a time period

-remind <time> <message> or /remindme
You must have a message to set a reminder.
Usage is like -remind 5mo3w4d1h30m2s Am I still awake?
The above is 5 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 2 seconds.

When the time arrives, the bot will ping you in #personal-testing with your message.

To manage your reminders:
-reminders or /reminders lists all your reminders
-delreminder #### or /delreminder where #### is the ID number listed next to the reminder in the reminders list.
Setting the a flag to true in the /delreminder version of the command will delete all of your reminders

Using Sesh

Public reminders using a specific time
This command will post a public reminder that anyone can subscribe to.
Anyone who subscribed to the reminder will receive a DM with the title contents at the specified time.
datetime can either be a specific date like 5 october 5pm or a fuzzy date like in 10 minutes.

/remind title datetime
/remind brush your teeth in 10 minutes
/remind contest deadline 5 march 11am


Makes a poll. Can be used in #suggestions, event-related channels, and/or #personal-testing.
There are two /poll commands.
YAGPDB's is more suited for simple questions and can also be called by text command:
-poll "Question Here" "Answer One" "Answer Two"
Sesh's has many additional options and an optional dashboard for even more customization.

Tag System

Tags (previously known as snippets) are pre-formatted posts you can call with simple commands so you don't have to type similar answers every time.
Anyone can call tags anywhere on this server. But only people with the @Tag Creator role can create, edit, and delete them.
If you don't want to make a tag yourself (or get the role), you can ask for new tags in #suggestions.

You can call a tag by ;NameOfTagHere

You can see a list of the currently available tags by going to #personal-testing and sending ;tag list.
See also: How to Use the Tag System.

Posting pre-existing tags works anywhere in the server. Managing tags can only be done in #personal-testing by people with the @Tag Creator role.


Works everywhere, but limit it to #personal-testing if it's not part of a conversation.
Please note: this returns a list of links. You will have to click it in order to see any search results.

-anime XYZ
Searches AniList & MAL for anime matching XYZ

-manga XYZ
Searches AniList & MAL for manga matching XYZ

-amvorg XYZ
Searches for XYZ in the following ways:
Forums (everything), Forum thread titles only, AMV Quick Search, AMV titles only

-amv XYZ
Searches for XYZ in the following ways:, AMVs, videos, AO3


DMs you a link to a message. You can use it in any channel. Your bot command is deleted approximately 20 seconds after the DM is sent.
-bookmark posturl
e.g. -bookmark
Alternatively, you can simply react to messages with the 🔖 (:bookmark:) emoji.


You can manage any threads you create the following ways:

1. Add "pinners" (other people who can manage pins in your thread too)
Thread OPs and @Staff can:

  • reply to a person with pinner to toggle whether they are a pinner or not
  • alternatively use the new emoji reactions :addpinner: or :removepinner: to add or remove that person as a pinner
    • Yag will react to the message with a ✅ (:white_check_mark:) if it did what you said
    • Yag will react with a ❓ (:question:) if it didn't understand you (check if that person is already a pinner)
    • Yag will delete its reactions in ~5 seconds
    • Anyone can use the -pinners command to list who can manage pins in that thread

    2. Add/Remove pins with 📌 (:pushpin:)
    Pinners and @Staff can:

    • react to add the pin
    • unreact to remove the pin
    • reply to any message with pin or unpin to have yag perform that action

    3. Ping @everyone and @here
    If thread OPs use either of these pings, Yag will make sure everyone in the thread is actually notified.

    Yag Control

    Reacting to any message the YAG bot makes with a 🗑️ (:wastebasket:) will delete the message. This only works in a few channels, if the message is not pinned, and if the message is only a few minutes or less old.

    -noyag as a text command will work on whatever the last Yag bot message is as long as it is not pinned and is less than 5 minutes old.


    Check your introductions post
    Check to see if you made an #introductions post yet, and if you have, gives you the message link to it so you can view/edit it.

    /dictionary or -dictionary will define an english word for you, using

    -define will get the definition from UrbanDictionary

    States the current server time and time zone in UTC.

    Embed (One-time Tag)
    -embed your content here will put your content here inside an embed, which allows you to use markdown links.
    Can be used anywhere. It will keep your original message in #personal-testing, but will automatically delete the original message anywhere else (so only the embed stays).

    See How to Events instead.

    React to any message with ⭐ (:star:). When any post has 3+ reactions of this type, it will be reposted to the #starboard channel.

    Tutorial board
    React to any message with a tutorial or guide using (:tutorialboard:). When any post has 2+ reactions of this type, it is reposted to the #tutorial-board channel.